VETIT Kick-Off Meeting held in Aarhus, Denmark

VETIT Kick-Off Meeting held in Aarhus, Denmark

20/10/2017 10:18

VETIT partners met on the 18th and 19th October 2017 in Aarhus, Denmark to initiate the project implementation.


The Kick-Off project meeting was hosted by the VETIT partner, Aarhus Tech.

In the framework of the project kick-off meeting, a Roundtable with Companies’ Representatives on WBL/Apprenticeships was held. Lars Pedersen, company representative, and Tobias Sorensen, apprentice, from Danske Fragtmaend A/S participated, providing VETIT partners with an insight on the Danish apprenticeships system.

The company Danske Fragtmaend A/S has 3-5 students from Aarhus Tech. Mr. Pedersen explained how the company benefits from its partnership with Aarhus Tech:

“If you are going to use the system, you need to be more specific. We take them in and we don't see them as an external part of our daily operation, but we provide them incentives in order to become totally integrated. Some of them get their own area of competence. In Denmark you are protected as an apprentice, but you need to be in a place where you can make decisions. It is important to make people feel a part of the company. They give them a lead competence, a system but also in more staffs (goal of broader education).

The company gained from getting apprenticeships and integrates them in company culture instead of hiring good technicians who could not understand the company. Instead of getting people, build them! They do something for the company; they know day to day business.”

Mr Sorensen, the apprentice, highlighted that the apprenticeship in the company provides him with a sense of freedom and assists him in becoming a better person, acquiring a feeling of empowerment - a little bit of everything - doing a thing with different ways.

The Roundtable provided VETIT partners with invaluable input on the Danish system, also highlighting interesting points with reference to project implementation, aiming to attaining the maximum effectiveness and widest impact.

Discussions and exchanges during the rest of the meeting focused on the step-by-step project implementation, examining thoroughly all tasks and activities foreseen, aiming at the promotion of WBL and apprenticeships in the IT sector, that will match the needs of both the labour market and VET graduates.



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